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Originally Posted by naevius View Post
The situation is complicated further by the fact that there are (dilithium) warp cores that add significant power, but no matching singularity cores.

For example By using Overcharged / SEP / W->S I got from:
125/100, 59/40, 73/45, 41/15
125/100, 69/40, 75/45, 47/15

a total gain of 18 power.
Yup. taht is the whole point of the topic i made. Trying to point out out Fed/KDF gets these huge power bonuses with mk X warp cores, and they'll only get higher with mk XI and XII yet romulans only get a +5 boost when using the abilities. and +15 if they don't use the abilities. which is still less than a warp core yet romulans get -40 power to start with.

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