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Originally Posted by chrisedallen89 View Post
Allen: Honor is mine Captain..

However I am sure you know that Voporak has indeed messed with the timeline given his vessel... Not to mention his request of me and my ship. One that is put me in an uncomfortable position... Since dealing with the True Way has to of earned me animosity with the elements of the Dominion.

I do not wish for this to go south and cost lives. Or gain the ire of this Admiral. I was wondering what you have in mind.
Ryan: One moment, Captain.

*He presses a few controls and Daya appears on Conference.*

Captain Saph, Captain Allen would like to know what our plan is.

Daya: Basically, the Admiral isn't in Command's good books. Intel says that this little "trade mission" is probably a front for one of his own personal agenda. We're here to make sure he doesn't start a war with the Dominion.

Ryan: Given the incident I had with the Dominion over the Sabre last month, I don't expect a warm welcome, Daya.

Daya: Aren't you a ray of sunshine? You were more fun back at the academy.

Ryan: Back at the Academy, I wasn't dealing with Klingon ambushes and rogue Starfleet Admirals.

Besides, if I weren't "fun", would I even be here?

*The two start grinning slightly.*

Daya: Basically, we go along with Voporak for now. If and when he makes a move, we take him and his ship into custody.

Ryan: Now I see why you wanted me along.

Daya: You're a very good tactician, and you're commanding a ship that dwarfs the Black Phantom.

Ryan: Why do I get the feeling that I'm going in first?

Daya: Because you're intelligent, perceptive and--

Ryan: And quite correct...

Daya: Right.

Ryan: This is gonna be fun.

Daya: Well, this is me, remember?

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