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Ryan: One moment, Captain.

*He presses a few controls and Daya appears on Conference.*

Captain Saph, Captain Allen would like to know what our plan is.

Daya: Basically, the Admiral isn't in Command's good books. Intel says that this little "trade mission" is probably a front for one of his own personal agenda. We're here to make sure he doesn't start a war with the Dominion.

Ryan: Given the incident I had with the Dominion over the Sabre last month, I don't expect a warm welcome, Daya.

Daya: Aren't you a ray of sunshine? You were more fun back at the academy.

Ryan: Back at the Academy, I wasn't dealing with Klingon ambushes and rogue Starfleet Admirals.

Besides, if I weren't "fun", would I even be here?

*The two start grinning slightly.*

Daya: Basically, we go along with Voporak for now. If and when he makes a move, we take him and his ship into custody.

Ryan: Now I see why you wanted me along.

Daya: You're a very good tactician, and you're commanding a ship that dwarfs the Black Phantom.

Ryan: Why do I get the feeling that I'm going in first?

Daya: Because you're intelligent, perceptive and--

Ryan: And quite correct...

Daya: Right.

Ryan: This is gonna be fun.

Daya: Well, this is me, remember?
Allen: Good luck with that. But I hate to rain on your parade but I think you need to see this.

*Shows the energy scans showing the Omega particle and an unknown particle within the weapon systems. *

I don't know much else aside from the signatures that those readings show.