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Ryan: Omega? That alone is enough to charge him.

Daya: Sure. If you want to get blown out of the sky. Omega destroys subspace. Imagine what it'll do to the Victorious.

Ryan: I'd rather not.

What if we use the Black Phantom's prefix code?
Allen: Voporak's not Khan he is a intelligent Admiral and expecting you doing what you have in mind. So he probably did change the prefix codes.

I however don't think command is telling you everything... Hence why you are here without proper aid and without proper knowledge.

Voporak I think is not the threat here exactly but is playing a dangerous game... His record suggests he may have come across the technology that could appropriately harness the particle without the dangerous affects of its destabilization.. Hence why I think that other signature is there.

Intel suggests the Dominion are building a vessel a new one to try and out wit us. Considering they see the races here at war with one and another once again...