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*Markon watches the enemy approach. He looks back to Sarkon.*

Markon: Qapla'.

*He taps a button on his gauntlet and is beamed up to a shuttle in Orbit, which then cloaks and jumps to warp, headed for Qo'nos.*
*Wax makes it to Sarkon and clasps his hand and Sarkon's on to it... *

*As Wax plunges it into him... the Klingons around him and Wax himself roar loudly with a tinge of grief... Wax doesn't hear what Sarkon mumbled in his breath...*

*The Omarka is already gone and heading to the Capitol... *

*The Occupying force bows before Sarkon in complete reverence and leave to restore the peace. *

*On the shuttle a part of the blade Markon has when he grasps it is hollower than usual... and it opens.. a scroll of paper slides out into his hand... Markon opens it and knows what it is... *

Wax: *Taps his emergency transport unit hidden in his shoulder armor which beams him into the shuttle with Markon, several transmitters deployed on his flight path utilizing trans-warp beaming. *

*sticks himself with a hypo...*