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*Qo'nos. The Great Hall. The President of the Democrats is in the Hall, littered with guards.

Qo'nos Orbit. The shuttle arrives under cloak. On the shuttle, Markon prepares to beam down straight into the Great Hall. He places the poem back into the handle of the dk'tagh before walking onto the Transporter Pad. He turns to Wax.*

Markon: I must go alone. For us both to beam down would be a fatal mistake. Someone must survive to tell the Federation what happened here.

Live proudly, and die with honour, Wax. Qapla'.

Computer, energise.

*He is beamed down into the Great Hall. The Guards quickly raise their weapons on him before he stares at them. They see the face of not an enemy, but a wounded warrior, who has fought with valour. They lower their weapons as Markon walks toward the President (what was his name?). When he is directly in front of the President, he glares at Omarka before returning his focus to the man on the throne. He removes Sarkon's dk'tagh from its sheath, holding the pink blood-stained knife in front of the President before placing it on the arm of the throne.*

Markon: S'vat!

*The guards look at each other bepuzzled. "S'vat". It meant the Sarkon was dead.*
*Talikar is puzzled to see this item and noticeably grieved to some degree... and picks up the blade.*

Omarka: Sir this man FOUGHT against you let me kill him...

Talikar: *To Markon* You were with him at the end?