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Originally Posted by jheinig View Post
As previously noted, this must be done on a case-by-case basis. That means that it is simpler to build a mission from the ground up with this function, than to go back to an older mission and retrofit it. (Not that this stopped me when I was retrofitting the Cardassian missions to make them accessible to Klingons.) Naturally, this means that the new content will be more likely to have this feature, not because it's just for Romulans, but simply because doing it from the start in new missions was simpler to do.

The fact that interactions drop your ship out of cloak works as designed in that this is what the engine is programmed to do. The base engine, unless you specifically build around it, flags that when any kind of interaction happens -- talking to a bridge officer, scanning a mission objective, whatever -- it will interrupt the cloak power. So, it is "working as designed" in that it does exactly what the engine is built to do. Brandon might call it a "bug" inasmuch as people complain about it, but it's not a "bug" in the sense that this is not the engine behaving in some way that it shouldn't, or some code not doing what we meant for it to do. It is doing exactly what the code is programmed to do, and working around that requires specific time and functionality changes from the designers.
As a software engineer myself, I can completely understand this distinction. But just because it is NOT a bug in the literal / technical sense does not mean it is working as intended. I think from the perspective of a player and feature it is NOT working as intended and essentially is a bug because it gets in the way of us playing the game naturally. It also makes no sense in terms of cannon / story / logic or game mechanics. All of this is true despite the code doing exactly what is supposed to be doing.

The difference is one of design / implementation. Let's chalk this up to a design bug that should have been dealt with long ago.