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I actually had a quick question about your numbers back there virusdancer: if you are running at /100 Weapons power, and your are way overcap on Weapons anyway, why not use a [W->A] instead? That would allow the Chel Grett to increase the effectiveness of Hazard Emitters, Auxiliary to Structural, etc and at the same time increase bonuses from Nukara Rep... without losing any Weapon power since it's well past cap anyway. And yes, that would exacerbate the problem Warbirds have relative to a Fed/KDF ship.

What am I missing?
if you run 125 weapon energy the first weapon will fire at 125 energy, the second weapon will get only 115 (beam) or 113 (dual heavy cannon). If you Overcap weapon energy you have the effect that more weapons fire at high energy levels = much more damage.