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Originally Posted by EtsSpets View Post
Exactly, i think there is a core reason for a huge conflict here. First of all, the Federation is all about diplomacy, they brake out the guns only for defence. So PvP, why ? Maybe on holodeck, but mostly, it would be "would you like to talk about it" things.

Also the beam out/in and emergency beam out/in is essential to the whole series. And to the PvP and PvE, it would add several layers to the gameplay. Like if your ship in orbit is being attacked, you would have hard time beaming out, or maybe the enemy is jamming your signal and your engineers need to set up a patern enhancer or smth. But ok, i realize more layers would make the game "too difficult" and would scare away the more superficial players.

Ohh and think of a ground PvP where you order a Photon to be dropped on the enemy position...owned
To satisfy both the PvPers and non-combatants...all that would need to be added is a penalty for beam out retreats...such as: You obviously have a ship in orbit and so does your opponent (if it is another player or a race not indigenous to the planet), your ship HAS to lower shields in order to beam as any person claiming the "Trek" way as their arguments. There have been times they couldn't beam because in current ship combat or being closely monitored. Even Picard said to a potential enemy, "We have to lower our shields to beam our away team out...and we will be vulnerable..." If someone orders an emergency beam out, the other ship gets a free shot at the opponents ship unshielded which MAY take out weapons, engines, casualties, transporters out, etc at Random depending on where the ship takes the hit. Or even potential for theft...if you have an items in your ship's bays...while you are concentrating on getting your away team up, the other ship can randomly beam an item from your ship while shields are down...that way the victor is still the victor and the loser still loses something, even if it isn't their life.