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05-18-2013, 04:49 PM
Originally Posted by qjunior View Post
The only edge I could see Romulans having with the Romulan rep system is adding some Romulan marks to their episode missions, at least the ones directly linked to supporting New Romulus in any way.

There is a larger topic to this though and its their new "grind" system. Thats what turns most new players off and sends old players even after you grind thru the levels its grind grind grind for the stuff you can finally buy.

Basically I was "done" with STFs and Nukara and then they created these rep systems. So as far as omega goes it was just clicking the mission everyday but was a waste of time and resources to get back to where I was. I probably wont even bother with the new Nukara. Not wasting my time for 5 marks here, 10 marks here.

It makes it very unappealing to start new toons like if you wanted to try being SCI.

I have literally STOPPED playing the game because of LoR because I know that Im about to have to grind grind grind and just have no motivation to play my current toons.