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05-18-2013, 05:03 PM
It would be cool to be able to select Alien racial traits. One option that could be interesting would be to allow Aliens to select ANY 2 traits that have a 50% effect each, in place of the current +1 optional. This would allow Alien captains to be more distinctive, while still giving them only 1 trait's worth of bonuses.

As a side note, Aliens aren't the only ones that are a bit borked by the altered racial traits. Have you noticed that Telepathy provides +10 Perception, +1 sec Expose duration, and +1.5% Expose chance while "Limited" Telepathy provides +10 Perception, +1 sec Expose duration, and Res(Flanking) by 40 degrees? Oh, and Gorn have gone from automatically getting Reptillian Strength of +17.5% Physical Damage and Knockback to NOT even being able to choose Physical Strength for +15% Physical Damage and 15% chance of +0.66m Knockback. I created a Gorn Science captain on Tribble to check this, and no option for Physical Strength was listed on my Traits tab. None. Seriously.

"Limited" Telepathy seems to be superior to the full version, or at least doesn't seem at all limited, and Gorn have somehow become enfeebled (my Klingon Science captain will have both the Klingon trait and Physical Strength, bwahahaha!). At least we now know why the Gorn lost to the Klingons now: they were weaker.

The devs still have some work to get done, and a few days to do so, before LoR launches. Here's hoping they do some work to re-balance this stuff, though I doubt it given that even this "Official" thread doesn't have a "Sticky" designation while the Uniform one is at the top of the list at the moment. Hint hint salamiinferno...

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