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Originally Posted by colonelchenchuan View Post
There is a larger topic to this though and its their new "grind" system. Thats what turns most new players off and sends old players even after you grind thru the levels its grind grind grind for the stuff you can finally buy.
I have to agree with that one. I certainly haven't seen the supposedly reduced grinding the Rep system was going to result in, though the 100% chance of getting whatever gear you want is nice. Charging dilithium for the Rep Store unlocked items is one part of it, as is the cooldowns... after all, it I wipe out 1000 Borg Cubes in one day I will certainly make a name for myself. Having to also bribe the various factions with stuff from merchant runs is just as silly, since committing xenocide against the Borg or Tholians should really suffice in and of itself.

Really, though, this is all a bit off-topic. As far as the main subject goes, why not have the Romulans get a bonus to Romulan Rep? I agree entirely that this makes sense. At the same time, both the Federation and Klingons should be getting bonuses to Omega Rep since they are among the founders of the Omega Task Force... <SPOILER> and if you played the Episodes you know that your captain was instrumental in its formation.

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