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# 145 LoR "mind games" My praise
05-18-2013, 07:20 PM
If i were asked.. "What mission i wanted to see more of?" I would answer "Mind games". This mission of abduction is really in depth and is true trek, or, i should say Romulan and Cryptic should keep this up as it simply works.

I have seen many games with a horror theme and a few have caught my Eye whilst others are acadish, so to speak. Regardless of how game dev's put an effort into the realistic gore scenes there's a major point in LoR that other games have liked to impress me, Its the voice acting, the Emotion and the realization to reference with the characters story and how they feel that is shown in this ark of LoR that exceeded the call of a good old fashioned Emotional bond that the player develops with their character before a horror point in a story!. I did not see this in STO Before LoR and so am quite proud of the effort of the VO especially from Denise Crosby and the Guy who play's Toven Kiev, now thats something

Whether other users agree with me or not that the VO in LoR is Amazing, i Push Cryptic to look at this and really consider staying with this level of game story telling as it is quite compelling and worth saying Cheers to Cryptic and the VO Cast, High praise yes but we want more of this story and i have a really good feeling that the rest outside of the closed beta will agree and will want more of this level of gameplay story.

One other thing i want to point out here is something that other users have pointed out and its Choice of Decisions in the story that have consequence (EG. Choosing to ally with fed or Kingon) to the overall story. I have only played a few games with this feature and seeing this in STO really impressed me to the possibility's if it were Expanded upon?. A way that i'd like to see this is reward Variation so that the better choice we make the better the reward Thus makes the game far more replayable in a storyline sense. For a quick example of this, why not get a reward like the "Shard of possibilities" for Defusing the Situation of not insulting Tran in the Breen ark? LOL, but thats just an idea.

Lastly but not least, Cryptic, Please re- do all of the missions in sto to this level of Quality And VO please! and Put STO into the Fast lane.