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05-18-2013, 08:38 PM
Personally, I did not enjoy the mission in the traditional sense, but it does a fantastic job in doing what it was made to do. The entire mission is designed to show you the insanity and the evil being carried out by the Tal Shiar and the remains of the Romulan Empire. It does a great job conveying emotion and evoking an emotional response in the player. It isn't designed to be fun. It's designed to be disturbing. It's there to show you the inhumanity of the enemy and to make them more than just a generic cliche bad guy in a video game.

I can understand why some people would find this mission to be disturbing, even obscene. However, it is important to remember that in this mission you are not acting out your own will. The entire point is that you have no choice. You can fight, but you won't succeed. It makes you just as much of a victim as the people and creatures that you are forced to harm. And in that, it reaches its goal of creating that emotional response. It may not be pretty, but the mission itself serves a vital purpose in the entire story line. As I said before, it escalates Hakeev, Sela, and the Tal Shiar from cliche bad guys to an emotionally impactful group.