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05-18-2013, 08:39 PM
Originally Posted by kamipoi View Post
and then there is the plain crazy cryptic dudes that think singularity abilities are worth that much power ;-)
Not to mention a shared one minute cooldown before you can even start rebuilding singularity power.

If it wasn't for the stupid shared cooldown, some of the abilities might actually be more useful than as an "Oh, S**T!" button in emergencies. Seriously, what were the Devs thinking when they came up with such a huge penalty for somewhat lackluster abilities you can use so infrequently?

The way I would implement it would be to get rid of the 1 minute cooldown and let the players start recharging singularity charges immediately after using one of the powers. Then the power penalty would be worth it just for the hull heal, teleport, rapid fire, and of course, the battle cloak.