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Originally Posted by theodrim View Post
Fine there, too, the metagame just hasn't caught up to it yet.

Just because it has battle cloak doesn't mean it should be flown like a BoP, just because it has DHC's doesn't mean it should be flown like an escort, and just because it has a cruiser's hull and turn rate doesn't mean it should be flown like one of those either.
meta game hasn't caught up yet? the metagames moves at the speed of changes, and is perfectly aligned with what actually effective. all these ways you mentain its not supposed to be flown, your not leaving it a single effective way it can be flown.

people that are inexperienced, and i guess kinda humble about it, are ignorant enough to assume that theres a way for everything that the masses complain about to be flown just fine. it isn't the case, and the more experience and knowledge you have, the less likely you are to blurt out oh thats fine, you all just need to change your play style, its you not the ship. to me, thats a tell. of someone who is not qualified to make any sort of judgement call about any of that.

the margins for everything that actually works are very thin. some stat issues can be forgiven because they are made up something else. some stats can be lower then average without making a ship nonviable. sometimes theres an opportunity cost to fix a ships issues so that it can perform at a basic level, but that compensation has massive damning opportunity costs that make it wholly inferior to other options. other stats, if they are simply too low, ruin a ship utterly, so its not even possible to make it ok.

the d'deridex and bortas are good examples of that last description. how well the bortas sold and how often it is used is in the history books now. theres no debating that that ship was a failure. of sure, you can pull off an impressive alpha stirke, same thing with the galaxy X. but guess what? those 1 trick ponies are a joke, and get laughed out of any team play, they serve no purpose, other then hunting loaners in cap and holds. the d'deridex will be joining those ranks as it is. of the 3, it will be the best for its ability to actually position for a decloak 10 times better then those other 2, but beyond that, it will still be a terrible ship. spending the vast majority of its time not able to do anything, wile any other war bird in its place can be fighting well the entire time.
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