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Originally Posted by messahla View Post
I liked the mission why?

It makes you really hate sela and the tal shiar they force you to do things against your will

they surgicly (I cant spell today ) do something to your head which makes it impossible to resist what they instruct you to do.

by the end of mind game your so pissed off at hakeev you want to hack his other eye out with a hatchet and take a .....nvm you get the point.

Mind games shows just how far sela and the tal shiar will go to hurt someone or get what they want.

By the end you understand why you have to stop them why the tal shiar and hakeev MUST be stopped by any and all means possible.

mind games sets the tone for the rest of the story and if you skip it your missing out on a big portion of the whys and what fors.
yeah this is what i was tryign to say you just did it better then i could