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Originally Posted by daan2006 View Post
I can say first hand you ppl where a small group paladins/death knights are the 2 most over played classes in the game
Well Paladins are only a tangent to this conversation since they don't require you to play a back story that involves cold blooded murder.

However, I agree that people like me were a definite minority.

Most gamers do not think of their actions in a game being reflective of a genuine moral choice. Some gamers do think of it being reflective of a genuine moral choice, but revel in choosing something "evil" or "taboo." Witness the number of people who enjoy playing a Dark Brotherhood assassin in Skyrim, for example.

People like myself who see it as both reflective of a moral choice and who aren't attracted to that particular choice are the minority, for sure.

My point was simply that this is something that comes up from time to time in MMOs, and will probably come up again, as long as "story" is considered important to players and developers.

To the credit of the devs, a player CAN skip this mission if they want to, plus, if they are armed with foreknowledge, they can take comfort in the fact that even within the game universe, the events are not considered to have actually happened.