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05-19-2013, 12:02 AM
Quads look and sound cool, which is the only reason to have them.

The math supporting power usage around them is beneficial, but the reality is there are better weapons. And to be honest, all the math in the world is USELESS when you can't pilot your ship.

The pilot is what makes the ship deadly. Not the 'potential' DPS.

Fleet weapons are nice, and reasonable if you're building out a fleet. 25K dil per, vs 30 Million ec per [acc]x3. CritD and H are more useful, and surprisingly hold out in all DPS tests so far.

[borg] < advanced fleet < romulan rep < elite fleet.

When the elite fleet weapons become available to me, I plan to revisit a number of builds primarily so I can re-add these lovelies to my ships with an all phaser build.

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