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Originally Posted by cynder2012 View Post
and the fact that the actresses for were probably sisters, as they had the same last name .....


Loved the Section 31 references


I found the part with Bones talking about the emergency c-section for the Gorn pretty funny

actresses were actually TWINS.

imho the Section 31 reference (there was just one) was way too short, most movie goers will have no idea what that means or how that impacts the story.

Gorn C-Section -> that was a direct nod to the Gorn Videogame, too bad that while it happened inside the games timeframe, you don't get to actually see it, but Bones only tells us about it in a Voice Over.


i completely agree with everything but the first sentence. that ST09 connection you are pulling out of your rear end, nobody ever said that STO had anything to do with STXI. (well nothing beyond Hobus Nova and Romulus being destroyed... from which we are now receiving the fallout)

Stun setting should totally be a thing in STO, disabling Ships should totally be a thing for STO.
To make matters worse, that Gorn Videogame has a Stun setting... stupid enough, you have to run up to the enemy and knock him out.

All this nonsense about "Fun > Canon" or "Gameplay > Canon" ... nope not acceptable.
"Canon = Fun" and if your Gameplay doesn't work well with Canon then that is just simply bad gamedesign or you recycled the wrong game engine for your trek game, a Trek game should be designed from the ground up to work with what people expect from it and not work against it.

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