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05-19-2013, 01:28 AM
It's almost here! Are you excited? Are you ready to be flying through space in a regal Warbird? We are!

Our time has come at last, after waiting since way back in beta for this faction to come it is finally happening!

Come, join a small yet passionately fierce group of Romulan fans as we explore the galaxy, delving deep into the coming expansion that I can promise you is something very special indeed!

We may not be able to boast a roster of hundreds of names, but our people are quality players; knowledgable and friendly and always williing to help out another player that needs it.

We have a website and forums here:

We have a private TS3 server that you can use whenever the mood strikes you, or you can use plain ol chat if that is your preference. Either is fine with us!

We are for every breed of Romulan fanatic out there - From super casual to a hardcore min/maxer to a hearty RPer. There is a spot for everyone within our ranks. Our only real policy is no drama, we don't tolerate it. Period. We are here to have fun, and that is our goal, to make sure everyone is having the best time that they can.

We are T2 complete Embassy and T3 complete SB, only a handful of projects away from T4 on the starbase and speedily heading towards T3 Embassy.

Looking forwards to flying with you!