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05-19-2013, 01:37 AM
Would be rather easy to put in a option in the menu for lasting battle dmg. A simple on or off on visual dmg repair. Can be repaired at space docks/shipyards, similar to playing on elite mode and getting injury. Something that is totally up to you.

As i played legacy a lot it was always cool to see a necell get blown off your ship, but in STO its not that easy to do. So id leave battle dmg on off option with current dmg models. That being said i think they should update the damage textures to look more like legacy where a torpedo hit blows a chuck of the outter hull off and you see a forcefield texture holding the ship together.

People tend to go "meh thats not a big deal" same thing with the non LCAR UI. Second the new UI hit tribble people creamed their pants by how much more Startrek this game felt with just a UI update.

Add in legacy type dmg textures of scorch/burn marks + hull breachs and venting o2, with an option to disable/stun instead of kill. Change "Hull" to structural integrity field or SIF for short, would be a lot less messy explaination wise. And instead of us blowing up asap when we die, add in a "repair" timer so a teammate can come over and "rez" our ship if they make it before life support fails/warp core breachs. Make it where instead of getting injury upon "death" its upon respawning so that rezing your team mate saves them injuries and gives people more reason to respond quickly.

Do all that and this game will feel massively more startrek. Do to the modeling system i dont think they can do massive damage to our ships like big gaps in the saucer or missing pylons etc but the scorch and blast can be done and they already changed plasma dot to look like a plasma leak in the hull, same thing just for O2 make it white, or black for a trail of smoke from fire inside the ship. Could put in large hull fractures similar to what we have now but more detailed.

Part of what made legacy/bridge commander so awesome to play was those lil details. Id love to see real subsystem dmg but thats another topic all together.