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The Uniforms of the 35th Fleet

As all of my characters (except for one "Temporally Displaced" officer and a Klingon) are members of the 35th Fleet, they all follow this Uniform Dress Code to the letter.

The 35th Fleet has a "Naval" tradition, with it's flagship tracing it's origins back to the early 22nd Century Earth Navy. This tradition carries on today with the wearing of "blues and whites" for uniforms, rather than standard departmental colors.


Jumpsuits can be worn by both officers and enlisted personnel, as was done on Earth submarines.

Field Gear is generally worn only by officers. Enlisted personnel would generally wear jumpsuits in the field. Flag Officers that beam down into hostile territory are required to wear Field Gear with no rank insignia, so they can not be identified as a Flag Officer and targeted.

Cadets who conduct their field studies with the 35th Fleet adopt the fleet's variation of the standard Starfleet cadet uniform.

Adjutants to Flag Officers wear the same duty uniform as a Flag Officer, denoting their position on the Flag Officer's staff.

General Officers may choose between wearing the Duty Uniform or the Alternate Duty Uniform.

All Dress Uniforms are "Whites" following Naval Tradition. Flag Officer Whites are adorned in Gold trim, General Officer Whites are adorned in Silver trim. Enlisted Whites are adorned with no trim.
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