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05-19-2013, 02:54 AM
imho the best approach would be to add visual damage to injuries,
those can already be healed OR you need to go back to a Starbase if you are out of regenerators etc.

and then maybe you should be able to receive injuries not only on death, but every time your ship hull falls below 25% 50% 75% give it a low chance to receive an injury.

but first the UI should be updated so it doesnt require 3 windows to be opened first before you can heal up.

healing injuries while inside a map could be optional, depending on map / difficulty setting.

lets say on Elite you can't heal at all. in PvP it's optional and on advanced you can heal them, while on normal it doesn't happen at all.

also healing abilities could have a tiny chance of repairing injuries, depending on ability that could be limited to minor / major / critical.

for example only Mirracle Worker could have a chance to heal critical injuries while an Engineering Team 1 - 3 could heal minor and majors with different rates of success.

keep in mind, you would collect a lot more injuries with my proposed system, so healing them up with skills instead of just with items would be there to balance this out instead of removing the need for the healing items.

also i would add a duration timer to injuries, lets say a minor injury lasts 5 minutes, a major 30 minutes and a critical 5 hours.

(all values can be tweaked as required by the Devs and are just examples of course)