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Not sure if this is the right place for posting about issues with playing Foundry missions instead of creating them, but it seemed like the most sensible one. I've had a strange issue where when playing some Foundry missions, when I'm on the loading screen for a random map, the game will suddenly boot me off with the message "Dynamic patch failure: The connection was idle for too long". Attempts to logon again will result in "Account server connection could not be started." for ~10 minutes, but it doesn't affect the rest of my computer's internet access, or any other computer on the network. After ~10 minutes, the logon will succeed, then I just select the character I was on, and the game loads up the exact map that it was stuck on when I was booted from the server. This has occurred to me in at least a dozen different instances, on various missions.

I've only noticed this happen to me while playing Foundry missions; any other kind of server kink that requires a logon usually bumps my off onto a social map, not take me back to my exact place in a Foundry mission. Does anyone have any idea what I'm experiencing? Anyone else have this behavior?