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05-19-2013, 04:44 AM
Yes, I don't think we'll be seeing Klingons go extinct. I'm not sure why these threads keep popping up. Klingons are probably one of the favorite races of Star Trek, quite possibly the favorite outside of Humans of course (Everyone loves themselves). For that reason alone I see the KDF doing well. For me personally I love the ships, and I Love a lot of things about their culture. The only thing frustrating is that sometimes I think the game focuses so much on the warlike behavior that it caricatures them a bit. For instance 'Marauding' vs. Diplomacy. I always got the sense that Klingon views of Diplomacy were very Sun Tzu in mentality. I would have liked to see just a little more nuance in that Marauding branch of Commendations for the KDF. Klingons aren't just pirate thugs, and many of them have a nobility to them while many of them don't. Its just a shame the Pirate-Thug side is mostly what you see.

All of that being said, the new introduction to Klingon faction is absolutely fantastic. I have to say it really made me feel excited about being a Klingon. I think a lot of other people will agree. In fact, I wish they would have taken Jackal1701A's advice to improve the Federation Introduction as well. Best foot forward and all that. Even so, I believe the new track of stories if they are as good as the Introductory stuff I ran, will give the Klingons much needed bolstering. I've known a lot of people over the years who wanted to play Klingon but wanted to have a full pve experience. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a good bit of pvp myself, but you have to admit a full Pve experience fleshes out the faction nicely. It completes and legitimizes it.

With that said I'll just make my own personal note: One thing I'd like to see more in storylines about the Klingon Empire going forward is a recognition of their nobler sides as well. For instance in the premise of the storyline, the Klingon Empire began its wild raiding in part because of Undine infiltration. Klingons by their nature are always looking for a good row, a good war. If they have a war they can justifiably sink their teeth into, they will launch at it like a hungry tiger in a butcher's market. That doesn't mean the less noble elements won't be involved, but it likewise doesn't mean that they aren't trying to funnel their violent tendencies into honorable pursuits. It seems to me that is one reason the culture always brings up Honor and War as a means to honorably release that cathartic rush Klingons get from battle.

At the end of the day, the Undine Conflict and the Borg conflict (and to some extent that Dominion Encroach into the Alpha quadrant) should at some point cause the Federation and Klingon attitudes to cool down a bit. Open war just hasn't made sense to me in the game, not on a long term basis. Klingon territory has stabilized (the map hasn't changed has it?) and really Klingons and Federation have far more enemies in common than reasons to go at each other's throats. Between the Omega/Maco/Honor guard setup we have going now, and the way current missions have moved I doubt we're even at Cold War standing anymore. It seems a lot more like cool attitudes toward each other, versus open conflict (Except for the pvp maps). The one big concern the Klingons have is Undine advance in the Quadrant... I think this storyline here is ripe for development but beyond this, blown out war hasn't really made much sense for me apart from an excuse for pvp matches. Then again we could just call pvp (Training exercises). All things being said I've always felt the Dominion would have made a better 'monster race' than the Klingons.

Which is funny, because really I'd like to see a few more pvp matches available than what we have now, and the ability to make CUSTOM pvp maps of our own in the Foundry. The game has been around so long, and we all know the basic few matches by now.