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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So while there is a loss of Hull for the increase in Turn, were you to give the Ha'nom a Warp Core instead of a Singularity Core...what's balancing the Battle Cloak?

It's just something to consider for folks that may not be considering it...
...obviously the lower subsystem power levels is not just about the Singularity Core and Singularity abilities.
Your absolutely right. And at one point they changed the power levels to -20 and gave the cloak a 40 second cooldown, pretty much making the battle part of it kinda useless since you couldn't cloak and recloak quickly.

But lets look at the b'rel which gets the battle cloak and full 200 power levels. it loses hull, and boff slots.

But on the romulan side, the devs didn't even consider doing that. it's just lets knock -40 power off.

Personally i'd take a 30% hull reduction on any romulan ship over the -40 power. Hell lets go half way. 15% hull reduction on all ships and only -20 power. Still not balanced but at least people can manage it without being vastly overpowered by fed/kdf.

And in the end as many have stated for PVE, it won't matter, eventually we'll be up to par with current fed/kdf ships, though fed/kdf will be even higher than us thanks to warp cores.

And for obvious reason PVP gets screwed.

By this time next week your going to see dozens of topics from people who didn't play the beta or just never hit max level complaining about PVP and the power levels. And IMO, within 2 weeks, the power levels will go back to -20, which is perfectly fine by me. thats easily playable. And if they want to knock the cloak back up, do it to 30 seconds, not 40.

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