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There are actually two way to approach that moment in the Death Knight backstory. If you wait long enough, your friend actually asks you to do it - because he/she trusts you to kill quickly, and with minimum pain. It's more a mercy killing by that point; the other option would be to leave your friend to the nonexistent mercies of the Lich King's inquisitors, after all.

After getting to the end of "Installation 18", I finally realized what good writing was involved in "Mindgames". In the secret Tal Shiar installation, you find a lab that is being used for indoctrination techniques similar to what you experienced.

My character's experiences in "Mindgames" had struck me more deeply than I had realized. I was angry. I kept looking for the option that would let me burn that installation to the ground and sow salt over its ashes. I wanted to see every sub-Romulan involved executed.

I can't recall the last time a video game did that to me...
"Mind Games" is just a piece of the entire story. It's a part of the building up to the climax in "Cutting the Cord". When I first did the Romulan version of the "Cutting the Cord" I knew there would be some customiation for Romulans. But I didn't really have any expectations. I thought hte climax in the last cutscene with Hakeev would play out as I knew it. But how the scene ended truely surprised me and shocked me a bit. After my surprise and some reflectection, that scene ended exactly as I wanted it too. The writing of the entire series of arcs did have a profound impact on me as well. I just hadn't realized how much until the climax.

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