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05-19-2013, 10:19 AM
Originally Posted by dnaangel9 View Post
I dont run fleet weapons and never will. Complete waste IMO. I run Phaser DHCs Accx3 in PVP and Romulan DHCs CrtDx2 in PvE tho I rarely run PvE as the PvE in STO is a joke for the most part as far as challenge wise.
Advanced fleet weapons are only a waste SOMETIMEs. Accx2 and Accx3 weapons can be extremely expensive on the exchange depending on the damage type, and now that Advanced Fleet weapons are available in Accx2 Dmgx2 flavor, they are extremely cost effective compared to buying off the exchange.

Not to mention that for Antiproton weapons they are effectively THE only option for Mk XIIs in Accx2.

The are also the best plasma and disruptor options open to casual players who have trouble with romulan reputation and can't afford the inflated exchange prices on Accx2 weapons.

Elite fleet weapons are a different kettle of fish, since they force you into a phaser build fed side and the special proc is more or less good depending on what setup you are running.

On topic, the quads look great and are awesome for levelling, but I can't see running them over most other weapons in a serious endgame build.