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05-19-2013, 09:36 AM
i got this error on start up a while back.

I was messing with options and clicked the DX 11 one. *

****in the options screen the information for this video setting is so truncated that you cant tell if you are set to DX9 or DX11 anyway ****

When I restarted the game so the options would take effect I got a "Pixel Shader" error message at the bottom of the log in screen

And generally, It seemed to me that the game was deciding what my video settings should be and most options seemed to do nothing. Quality was stuck at a certain point. My card was bought to play the newer graphics intensive games like Skyrim so it should be able to handle STO. I could pretty much play on extremely high settings on 2 other lesser cards. But now the game seems to have decided that my card is crappy and just kind of sticks on those settings.