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05-19-2013, 11:56 AM
Originally Posted by neok182 View Post
He's talking about the other ships, the T'Varo, Mogai, Dhelan, and Ha'feh. The D'Dex is what it is. simple as that. if you don't like the turn rate, use the 2piece console set to get +2 turn rate and use an RCS, as well as maxing out the skills.

Otherwise use another ship.
Don't forget that in the process of getting that +2 from the 2pc, you're going to have the console that also helps with turn:

Console - Universal - Molecular Phase Inverter: Increases Defense, Damage Resistance, Speed and Turn Rate while also disabling ship collision. Can activate Cloak while Phased.

I'm really surprised there haven't been more complaints about the "P2W" nature of the 2pc bonuses for these ships. Buy the Refit/, not necessarily "win" - but definitely improve your odds of winning.