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Originally Posted by dam999 View Post
Eng lacks everything..Whatever eng has, tac and sci have also, but NOT vice versa.

What can an eng pilot do to maximize his damage? APOIII and perhaps TT (which is insignificant), that's about it..

Tac captains have all those BOFF skills plus all their character specific skills which boost their damage sky high. In other words, if you take two ships with same consoles and weapons, the top damage of the tac captain is a LOT bigger than the one of the eng cap.
The Eng and the Tac have access to the same BOFF abilities, gear, skill build, ships, etc, etc, etc.

What separates the Eng and the Tac are the 5 innate abilities from their Career selection... you know the uptime on those abilities?

You're talking PvP...not PvE. NPCs might sit there in the Tac's arcs while the buffs are up. As a player, I'd think you'd try to stay out of

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