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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
NPCs might sit there in the Tac's arcs while the buffs are up. As a player, I'd think you'd try to stay out of
What will you do to prevent it, perpetual RSP?

You WILL get hit and with all those tac skills, it is IMPOSSIBLE to counter it, unless u are a tank, but then you can only survive and can't damage an escort in any way..

Basically, you can have a 30 min pvp against a tac escort with no winners, but that's the best u can hope for. In 1vs1 you CAN'T win, no matter the skills.

Only equipment + skills make a difference. This is not a flight sim such as Freespace 2 to use ur piloting skills to ur own advantage, it's a MMORPG made for large audience (less demanding, simple..).