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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Er, piloting. Already said that.
You do know there's a reason why the common team comp is 2 Tac and 3 Sci, right?
I was talking about 1vs1 pvp as mentioned earlier. Now, with the 5vs5 pvp you still didn't include Eng, but rather Tac and Sci which only confirms my statement of Eng class being useless and unnecessary.

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post

If you're coming from the premise that the Tac will win...and...the Tac does not win...

...just food for thought.

Still say the better pilot will win. Doesn't mean that the a draw can't happen. Just means that the two folks were well matched enough for there not to be a winner.
With an Eng cruiser and a Tac escort, it's either a draw or a Tac win. There is no third option..

Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
So, did you just say that the Tacs have no's just because of those five abilities that they win?
Exactly. The only skills that matter are the ability to calculate DPS and optimization of the space gear. As far as piloting through 3D space goes, it is marginal..

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Um, yeah - piloting skills do matter. Heck, how do you think a fight between two Tacs plays out? Just lucky shots? Or...maybe the better skilled pilot?
If they both know what they are doing it's mostly a draw. Why? Because of all the plethora of the healing skills that BOFF and gear have. If healing was an eng specialty, then eng has no specialty left anymore..

Since cruisers can be only punching bags and escorts are toothless for an eng capt, that doesn't leave us much to work with..

Engies must get an update which would completely alter their skills and make them more desirable for players.