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Originally Posted by drkfrontiers View Post
I agree and disagree with alot that has been said in this thread thus far.

While I believe that engineers do fulfill a role, I also agree that that role has been largely negated by the power creep of the remaining classes.

Hmnnn ... what to do .. what to do.

Here's an idea.

Engineers build things, manage ships powers and warp engines and fix things right?

So why not make them good at that?

Why not allow ONLY the engineer class the following.

Enhanced turret deployments on the battlefield. Make these as resilient as the Ac. Assimilators, and have them pack more of a punch. Full blown Torp Spread II & III platforms, and Spinal Lance Turrets

Allow ONLY engineers the ability to push power levels into overdrive - give them a flat out power bonus based on their ship type. So if a science officer is in any given ship for example, they maximum power level is 125, as if tactical. Engineers have 135+. Its in line with everything about Star Trek. "I'm giving it all she's got capt'n!"

Allow engineers abilities that play an equally important role as SNB or Attack Patterns. Allow Miracle Worker to be cast on an ally which will counter SNB. That way engineers can once again be the "fix-its" on the battlefield.

Its time for engineers to shine!
Great ideas!

I hope someone from the Cryptic is reading this.

Never liked the new Leonard Hofstadter Star Trek style anyway..Why are people trying to make Star Wars out of the Star Trek?

Build a giant romulan Death Star and get on with it.