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So its always bugged me how cannons look when we fire them in STO. They are all displayed in a pretty messy way. Each shot has some sort of bubble trail behind giving the impression that you may just be firing some sort of space liquid. For me this takes away from the Star Trek feel in space battles especially for Klingon and Romulan ships as well as the Defiant class Fed ships.

Why are the cannons not more, well, canon? What I mean is can we not make them look a little more accurate, take this clip for example, a simply Star Trek mod where cannons on both the Romulans and Fed ships look like the cannons we see in the series. No bubble like trails just small sharp blasts that actually feel like they are hitting their target and making the battle sequence much more cinematic.
Phaser and Disruptor cannons don't do what you describe. Tetryon and Polaron do. Not sure about Plasma and Antiproton.
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