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05-19-2013, 01:20 PM
My Engi far out heals any sci in a long drawn out pvp match...but thats it, I can buff my main Tac with EPS transfer for his APA, or i can use it myself with Nadeon inversion and use FAW.....

But that's my Engi's only role - he sits in his recluse tanks everything and heals the team, making miracle work and nadeon inversion throwable to other teammates would be an interesting thought....(Though a tac with EPS Transfer / Nadeon inversion / APA / GDF / BO, will make for some pretty nice one shots xD and probably be OP).

So as far as I am concerned, my eng can fill a role in a PvP Team and does some impressive heals (Consistently in the 3 mill mark).

But as a sci can do nearly as much and has the Sub nuke and other abilities there....Sci Caps essentially make Engi Caps redundant.