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05-19-2013, 01:32 PM
Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
I haven't done Kerrat in about 2 1/2 years but I doubt its not much different now. Normally the Klink players are outnumbered on about average of 3-1 so KDF skill is offset by the number of Feds. Also if you stay in long enough you'll see the advantage swing from one side back to the other, there are a lot of highly skilled Fed Captains out there that know how to counter every KDF trick in the book and can give a skilled KDF player a good spanking.

As to why those guys do not want to go back to flying a Fed ship, that's easy, once you fly a KDF ship there's no going back. Come over to the Red side and you will understand. Once you discover the heady joys of cloak and ambush and actually teamwork you can never again sit in a saucer shaped ship. Its very very very frustrating to be on a team full of Fed newbies who don't have a clue, I find myself wishing I could target my own teammates.
Yeah, Ker'rat has hardly changed since it was first implemented. KDF is normally outnumbered or evenly-matched (though there are glorious moments where we dominate a zone), everyone restart-spawns on the friggin KDF spawnpoint (often leading to Federation spawncamping), the Borg are still glitchy along with the map, etc. If the devs revamp PvP at any point, I hope they vastly improve Ker'rat and its functionality. Half the reason people don't like Ker'rat is because of the bugs/flawed design. Specifically, the difficulty in changing zones, the spawncamping, etc. All of these are fixable if the devs were to simply invest the resources to do it.