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05-19-2013, 02:47 PM
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When I reached the required level in my Fed toon I switched to the Klingon side and never looked back. Now that they have made to requested changes I am considering dumping my fed toons. Considering I am only using them as dilithium and cash mules. I will have my Romulan toons this coming week and they will be able to be added to The Ancient and Honorable House of Seplch. This makes my Fed toons obsolete. So Making the Klingon Faction obsolete? Ha in your dreams Fed Rat Scum!

P.S. To the Devs, When are you going to give the KDF the great Klingon sound track we have been requesting?

So I again make this request, (pretty please with sugar on top!!! LOL!) give us Klingons the proper music for this great game.
Agreed, it would be nice to have themes like that in-game, especially the 'battle song' in the last two. That's pretty much the go-to victory or priming-for-battle chant for Klingon enthusiasts who can speak Klingon. Listening to that while getting into a scrap in PvP would probably always get my adrenaline up. The lyrics also pretty much exemplify what Klingon warriors strive for, though in STO it's usually preferred that you not get blown up without at least severely hurting the enemy or taking one down with you.

Another great song would be this: