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05-19-2013, 02:19 PM
Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Where is the gimmick factor... oh I don't know the plasma infusers. lol
That one is corrected come tommorow anyway... not that the omega torp burns where really hurting anyone that much anyway.
Don't tell drunk, but I'm one of the people that has been arguing for some time for the Plasma Infusers to work like other energy Tac consoles. Course, when they also made the changes to the Embassy [Pla]...yeah, I argued against that heavily. Wait, he knows that already...we've argued, er discussed, it in the past.

BTW, my KDF main (that guy's my Fed main) is an Eng in a JHEC with Plasma Torps/Mines and Ambis.

Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
You can't honestly argue that a Engi Scort is really on par with Tac or Sci scorts. They just aren't.
I wouldn't put them on par with Sciscorts, no. But I would not even put Tacscorts on par with Sciscorts. Bill Nye's always got his Bag o' Durty Tricks.

Remember, I'm not talking PvE. I'm not talking team PvP. I'm talking a duel. The Tac buffs's no different than if it was Tac vs. Tac - are you going to sit in the other Tac's arcs? No, you're not. It's going to come down to skill.