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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I'm talking a duel. The Tac buffs's no different than if it was Tac vs. Tac - are you going to sit in the other Tac's arcs? No, you're not. It's going to come down to skill.
if that's your position, then you're also stuck arguing that cruisers are balanced too

Three copies of the exact same Patrol Escort, with Tac, Sci, and Engi capts. Tac has APA and FOMM buffs that add to the BOFF abilities and break the target in half. Sci has SN debuff and SS buff that stacks to the BOFF abilities. Engi has nothing except incidental buffs that come from boosting weapon power.

Hell my engi patrol escort can peg all four power meters full green. Do you think it helps me win anything?