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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Why? Cruiser vs. Science Vessel vs. Escort is an entirely different discussion that involves far more than just the five innate abilities of the Careers.

Let's look at those abilities, eh?

APA...30s buff with a 2m CD that runs it is 1m30s after the 30s duration that it can be used again. Provides +Dmg, +CrtH, +CrtD, and +Turn. Awesome buff! Still need to hit the target for any of it to matter.

FOMM...cleared by TT. It's there. It's not there. Hrmm...

Not going to compare the Sci, because I've already put them at the top of the food chain with their Career abilities.

The Eng, eh? The Eng? What does the Eng have that might be helpful in a duel...a 1v1 match, eh? Hrmmm, let's see - the Eng is terribad for groups because they're so damn selfish. What could they possibly have for a 1v1...hrmmmm...what could they have?

Well, first of all they don't have any abilities that are wasted if they can't hit the target. Heck, if anything - they even reduce the negative impact of missing. Next, they don't have any abilities that can be cleansed...since they're not trying to debuff the target. So, it's like the Eng could actually get more out of their buffs than the Tac.
So your only argument is that it's better that eng doesn't have anything since if you miss your target then having offensive skills is a waste anyway? That's too sad to be funny honestly..

APA has CD of 1:30 min compared to Miracle worker - CD of 4 min, NI - 3 min, EF - 5 min..etc.

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