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Originally Posted by dam999 View Post
He doesn't want to understand because he obviously lacks impartial judgement..
I fly Tac, Eng, and Sci.
I fly Fed and KDF.
I fly Cruisers, Escorts, and Science well as hybrids.

As I've mentioned wholeheartedly throughout the thread...the Eng lacks team synergy. I've agreed on that point in multiple threads discussing Engineers.

2 Tac/3 Sci or even 3 Tac/2 Sci.

You've got SNB created gaps...which won't last you need the spike from Tac on the controlled target.

The Eng can't SNB.
The Eng can't spike that target.

The Eng doesn't fit in well with the team environment.

What about healing? Yeah, it's called crosshealing. You're going to have it from your Sci and even the Tac can help out there. The Eng isn't needed for that. The Eng doesn't have anything that boosts healing abilities for others...hull healing with EFleet, but yeah - folks prefer the shield healing from SFleet.

But you're not talking about a team thing... just sounds like you need to learn to play.


As far as piloting through 3D space goes, it is marginal.. pathetic.
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