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05-19-2013, 04:10 PM
Well in fairness... fomm blows. Tac team means its a 5s and at most 10s skill before its cleared by anyone remotely not stupid. Its good for a 3-5s burst IF your smart about it and that is it.

Alpha is great yes.

Nuke is fantastic yes.

However neither Alpha nor Nuke or Fomm or Sensor scan or go down or anything else they have is the issue.

The issue is E fleet Shields... Rep bonuses... stacking shield resists... stacking defense buffs. Consoles that regen shields and hull for you... and about 20 other items and passives that make engi pointless.

Engi had a role at one time... and in my engi scort I killed tons of tacs... at one point I was even part of a fairly feared 5 man engi scort team. lol

The issue is all the creep that make it impossible to kill anyone with Nadion and or EPS transfer anymore... you can't simply load a APO 3 and a rapid fire and expect to even glance hull never mind expose it.

Everyone is to resilient... you can tank just as well with a tac or a sci... that is the real issue.