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05-19-2013, 04:46 PM
Hi Captains,

Our Engineers continue to investigate, and we very much appreciate the information given thus far! Most of all the nettests and tracert results posted in here show optimal performance, but some of you seem to be experiencing something.

If you are continuing to experience latency problems and would like to provide more information that can aid us in tracking this down, please reply to this thread with the following items as you experience the lag in-game:

  • Type the following commands in the chat bar:
    • /netgraph 1
    • /nettiminggraph 1
      • Pass along a screenshot of the above using the following command in the chat bar: /screenshot_ui_jpg
  • The name of specific character that experienced the latency during the time the screenshot above was taken (no need to post an @handle, just character name)
  • The ship class that the named character was flying during the time the screenshot above was taken (or mention if this was on ground and not space, or both)
  • The time the screenshot above was taken (please be as accurate as possible)
  • The Map name and objective step you were on when the latency occurred and when the screenshot was taken

You can then type /netgraph 0 and /nettiminggraph 0 to turn off the above graphs.

If you'd like to help but you don't feel comfortable making a reply to this thread, please send me a forum PM.

A few posts indicate that this is happening to "all characters on all maps", but the above data is very important.

Cheers (and thanks!),

Brandon =/\=
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