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# 8 Omega torpedo launcher issue
05-19-2013, 04:06 PM
I have owned my omega torpedo launcher for about 4 months.
If all 5 auto firing little un-destructible plasma balls fly out from it, then it will be like a shuttle torpedo when on the limit of the firing angle and seem to endlessly fire in animation, but nothing comes out.

Although after maybe 5-10 secs it recharges to 1 and fires normally.

I find the best solution is to use torpedo spread fires a large spread of non destructible plasma projectiles at multiple targets, then seems to reset the counter so it can fire normally again.


torpedo high yield - This makes a destructible plasma projectile but does reset the counter so in 5 secs it can fire the little non destructible auto firing.
The speed of movement through space for the large destructible is laughably slow and any aoe from the enemy will cause it to blow up short of the target.