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05-19-2013, 06:10 PM
You can't compare quads to DHCs, the quads have the same firing cycle and mechanics as dual cannons. DHC's due to the way they fire tend to negate a fair bit of the power drain. So you should be comparing quads to DCs. They are great for leveling but outside of that I don't tend to use them as they're phaser only.

However I would love to know how many shots quads fire per cycle as some things proc per shots and some per cycle. For example energy procs get applied on a cycle from what I remember but things like DEM and tetryon glider get applied per shot. If quads are firing twice as many shots as DCs which fire twice as many as DHCs then 1 quad cannon could apply the same number of DEM and tetryon glider damage modifiers as 4 DHCs.