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Originally Posted by thecegorach View Post
Hmm. There are elements of both STID and STO that I prefer over the other.

I like the STID formal grey uniforms with caps.

I like the STID Klingons. I realize the premise behind "The Trouble with Tribbles" would have been more difficult to believe with this version of Klingons, though.

I like the STID Klingon D4 vs. the D4 that looks just like a D7 in other Star Trek works.

I prefer the TOS (and thus STO) Enterprise bridge.

Now...if someone would be kind enough to make a client mod that makes the ugly STO Caitians look like the STID Caitians, I'd be forever grateful.
For me:

STID formal uniforms ALL look like TMP uniforms with a more military cut. They have the same color schemes, although we didn't see any tan ones. Officers in grey. Medical in white. Admiralty/ship commanders in grey with a white chest stripe. Rank on the shoulders. It's one thing I like about the JJ verse that they seem to have adopted, more or less, TOS uniforms for duty assignments and TMP uniforms for military dress. I wouldn't be surprised if they have a variant of WoK for diplomatic dress if they want to present a less hard edged vibe for formal occasions. (Ie. I could see them using a version of WoK for state dinners, balls, and galas.) It's a nice mix of Kirk era uniforms with a purpose behind each.

I'm guessing soft canon sources will establish that JJverse Klingons used a more crude method of reversing the augment virus, which resulted in the "super-Klingon" look. Maybe something they took when they had the Narada in custody. It doesn't necessarily affect Trouble with Tribbles because Arne Darvin was surgically altered to look human. (And the soft canon sources show him as having forehead and spine ridges before the surgery. So he probably never looked like the TOS Klingons.)

The Enterprise ship was never actually called a D4; that was a fan/soft-canon supposition. My preference is towards the STID ships being the D4 and maybe the Enterprise ships being a D5 or early D7 prototype.

Who wouldn't prefer the classic bridge? That said, the JJ bridge with the lights knocked out looks more like the TOS bridge than I would have thought. If they'd just knock the lights down, darken the bridge, and paint the railing red, I'd really like the JJverse bridge. Overall, I felt the ship interiors were beginning to look more like glorified TOS interiors (a lot more open spaces and bridges/archways) and hope the director of the next film continues that evolution a bit. Heck, the brewery main engineering would look better to me with a bit more of a black and gunmetal color scheme and some red grating.

I suspect and hope the next film will place more of the character moments on the ship. The five year mission should finally start to setup the idea that the ship is home.

One thing that did sell Kirk's rapid promotion for me from the last film is that this time, they establish a few things:

- The Enterprise is not the flagship or seen as special as it was in TOS at the beginning of Into Darkness. It's just a ship and appears to be more or less a cadet ship assigned to non-vital tasks and not intended for deep space use until the retrofit.
- The Enterprise appears to have been patrolling known space, close to home, under Pike's watch.
- Kirk was resented for being handed command.

None of these points were pushed heavily but I felt like they were all well presented in the film. It does reconcile some of the absurdity of the 2009 film's ending if you imagine the Enterprise as a non-vital training ship for cadets and new graduates that stayed close to earth until its 2360 retrofit. The first film hinted at that by having Spock double as an academy instructor while acting as Pike's XO. But we got a few more snippets that seem to indicate that the JJverse ship was more or less one step above being a flight simulator until they refit it at the end. It's obviously a prized, capable ship in terms of its engine power but the implication is that it was more or less just a ship they kept relatively close and staffed with fresh graduates until the 5 year mission refit at the end.