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05-19-2013, 06:47 PM
Originally Posted by bubblygumsworth View Post
Oh and a red UI
YES!! I love my red UI. Stupid LoR is taking it away

But as to the OP, much the same as the others. Once you start playing KDF you stay KDF. The ships look better, KDF pilots will help you instead of letting you die so they can get one more hulk in. And Ive began to hate the majority of the Fed farmers that cry about OP klinks until they get alot of feds, then they start camping. Once you kick them off the spawn, they just start farming again like nothing happened. Then cry about OP klinks when you alpha them. I never cry about feds killing me, I will mostly just tell them camping isnt nice and make them work to kill me.

But I dont think KDF has all the best PVPers, I think its the numbers disparity. You have far more Feds roaming around and the KDF captains generally have played more consistantly. You see most of the same klinks in Ker'rat all the time and a motley group of different feds. But you will immediately notice when the good Feds show up.
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