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Originally Posted by wildweasal View Post
stop the silliness please sto was based on the star trek in the PRIME time line not that JJ crap....and for the 15 0000 th time thenjg done in a movie cannot or should not be done in GAME..going by that montra the JHAS would not be as uber as it is in this game and the galaxy class would melt faces.....dissmissed
if STO was based on the original timeline, there would only be ONE phaser type 1, and ONE phaser type 2, only ONE phaser type 1 rifle, all Starfleet weapons would have an optional setting to be wide/narrow warm/stun/heavy stun/deadly/vaporize

NOT 5+ phasers

narrow stun

wide stun

wide beam

narrow beam

dule beam

BUT ONLY ONE PHASER per "type" (type could have been the MK#)